User Information

User information and action

  • Register and pay a fee to attend without any presentation.  One needs to visit and complete the process.
  • Sign in to submit an abstract.  One can start at, complete the form and submit it for approval.  All requests for an account are approved within 24 hours.  The approval allows review of data by staff and confirmation of status/category. Of course, starting on the home page using “Submit Abstract” also functions the same way.
  • Review Abstracts for the Congress. A selected number of individuals (mostly members of the scientific committee) will have access to review submitted abstracts and score them. President of a Congress or Chair-person(s) of the Scientific Committee will use those scores to accept or reject any abstract for inclusion in the scientific program.
  • Membership  All participants at any Congress are granted a limited-time free membership of the International Society for Phytocosmetic Science.  For example, presenters at IPPC-Ireland 2018 started their free membership in June and may continue if they pay their dues before 21 January 2019.
  • Data management Submitted data by any individual who has started a user account or registered to attend remains securely in the database for future use.  This means an individual who uses the system during 2018, may return to the system, restart using one’s account and attend an event in 2019 or later.

  • Answers to some of the frequently asked questions
    • Maximum of two abstracts per Congress per each individual
    • The subject of all abstracts needs to be related to natural plant-based products
    • Both the best Oral and Poster presenters receive an award, the selection is completed by the Scientific Committee
    • A registered individual can submit an abstract by visiting, previously selected login credential for registration remains valid to gain access to abstract submission portal
    • A reviewer needs a user account, not required to submit a presentation
    • Portraits are not a mandatory requirement for all users, only Committee members need to provide it
    • Group registration discount is available upon request from the Secretariat
    • Registration fee payment deadline applies to all individuals specifically for presenters.  Presentations are not included in the program if no author (of an accepted abstract) has a paid registration.
    • Arranging hotel accommodations and all transportations are the responsibility of the attendees.
    • Accepted abstracts are published online at IJPNI.ORG