For Authors

Abstracts not exceeding 400 words in double space are required to be submitted online only. Abstracts of the original research work shall be organized in the following format: Title, Authors (not exceeding 7), Abstract text divided to Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results (& Discussion) and Conclusions. Abstracts describing a review or case-study need not be structured.  All abstracts need to be original and not presented in any other event or publication online or in print.

How to prepare your abstract

Abstracts of the review work shall be prepared in one paragraph.

  • Background: Present relevant findings to justify your project (Max. 90 words)
  • Materials and Methods: Describe and justify the appropriateness of methods utilized in your research, use the most concise language in this section. Avoid including any general information. (Max. 110 words)
  • Results and Discussion: Report the most significant findings of your research and discuss any variation in comparison to other reported results in your reference, and concisely provide supporting data for any new findings. (Max. 150 words)
  • Conclusions: Present learned lessons in less than four sentences that must include guidance and any recommendation for future research. (Max.50 words)

Abstracts will be selected for presentation in one of these two presentation formats: Oral and Poster

Title of Abstract shall be

  • Relevant, concise and not in a sentence format
  • It must start with a Capital letter of the first word, remaining words shall continue in lower case letter if not required otherwise
  • Limited punctuation is recommended

The text of Abstract be free of any

  • Grammatical error and must be written in English
  • Avoid citation (in- text references)
  • Avoid author’s name or affiliation

All abstracts shall be based on scientific evidence and new findings, while its text must be:

  • Free from any embedded graphics including charts, pictures, and videos
  • Written in English, using the most concise language
  • Comprehensive including a conclusion
  • Must include keywords
  • Free of any trademark, marketing language, list of names of affiliation of any co-author.

Checklist before submission

  • Capitalize the first letter of title only.
  • The title must be relevant and shall not include a name of any company, academic institution, author or individual, and trademark.
  • The corresponding author shall be identified.  Corresponding author’s affiliation shall be marked as number one.
  • Text shall not include any reference in an abstract. Font size and type are set automatically in the submission portal, however, use italics for Latin or scientific names of species is recommended. Scientific symbols and characters shall use MS-Word character formatting.
  • Keywords shall be listed.

Submission Guidelines

Abstract guidelines are available to use while or prior to drafting your abstracts.  Submission of an abstract requires a user account, that will be reviewed and approved by the Secretariats.

Sample sign-up form for a user account.

  • Initiate your user account by clicking here 
    • Check for a confirmation email message after 12-24 hours
    • Return to
    • Click on Login to start submitting your abstract (see the related guidelines above)
  • Status of your abstract will be sent to you via email
  • Please clear-list the email address to receive messages, otherwise our messages may end up in the SPAM folder of your email account.


The corresponding author of an orginal abstract is the responsible individual to inform other authors about the status of the abstract and their authorship rights.  Secretariat may consider removal of an abstract if any of the below requirements is not met by submission deadline:

  • Abstracts must be submitted in English with a specific focus
  • Do not submit more than two abstracts for each presenter
  • All steps on the abstract submission must be completed
  • Only one author can be identified as the presenter and make the presentation
  • An author may not present more than 2 abstracts during IPPC-Argentina 2018
  • Abstracts must be 400 words or less, its originality will be checked using CrossCheck services

IPPC-Argentina2018 uses an online registration process.

  • Individuals are asked to fill in an online registration form and choose the appropriate options.
  • Upon submission of the form, it will be reviewed automatically (or by staff if needed).
  • An email message will be forwarded to the registered individual to confirm the completion of each registration when payment is complete.
  • All payments are final.

IPPC-Ireland 2018 is able to receive funds in dollars or any other currency paid using a valid credit card.